The Dix 38’ Pilot House (

Echo 38 for steel construction (

The Dix 43’ AC available for steel and aluminium construction.
Cutting files include dodger and all tanks not shown here

The Dix 43’ Pilot House (here with pilot house height reduced by approx 200mm) 
The original design can be seen on
Dudley’s website:

Dix 43’ Hard Dodger, Dudley’s latest and probably most versatile cruising design with a hard dodger under construction in Prague

Pictures of the Dix 43' CC can also be seen on Dudley Dix website:

Pictures and technical details of the Dix 45' AC can be found on Dudley Dix website:

More details of the Cargo 50 can be found on Dudley Dix website:

Dix 65 Cruiser (